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  1. Thanks both - so far I haven’t approached Dixons/ Currys yet as I wasn’t sure of the best and most direct way to get to someone who can/ will help. I’ve been through a diagnosis with Apple by phone, which resulted in “ok, you’ve done everything you can without sending it in” and the recommendation to take or send it in, with the repair quote being a flat £350 (refundable if they can’t repair it, but this seems really steep). I only got that cost verbally, rather than via email - so should I request an email stating this, and then forward that to Currys to give them the option of lo
  2. Thanks very much - sounds like it is worth a try. I wouldn’t expect a full refund or new replacement as you say, but I do feel that an iPad shouldn’t become a brick after 2 years and 1 month when I haven’t damaged it! Does anyone know the best way to start the process to minimise all the inevitable “no” responses and escalations?! And has anyone had success with anything like this?
  3. Hi, I’m looking for some advice before approaching the retailer about this in case anyone has similar experience and advice... I bought an iPad Pro from Dixons at Heathrow airport in July 2018, and it has just stopped working. Tried restoring it using different computers, cables etc, all the things that Apple advise, and based on an online search it sounds like it’s a hardware issue (it’s an “error 4013” issue that can be software related, but if the steps I’ve already taken don’t work, it’s down to hardware) As it’s out of warranty, Apple have quoted me a flat £350 fo
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