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  1. Part worn you been ripped off I get £20 tyre fitted without issue for 2years and decent brand aswell
  2. Have you checked is reg to see if he has insurance on askmid as there is people driving without insurance as they think they won't get caught
  3. Actually that's incorrect they do fail I've had headlight aim fail and sorted and I've had ball joint and other parts fail and showed mot fail But if you think garage are doing a fast one I either goto the garage and check myself or ask to see the old parts If a garage say it failed you end up asking how much to fix then they fix and do new mot if you can afford or not worth it
  4. that why alot of cars get a new mot with no advisory's when they should fail or have notes theres a few in my area where they was selling a getz 2yrs ago my dad wanted me to look at and it had cracked cv boot and 2 tyres near limit and pads and disc need doing and mot showed clean and when i told manager he said my mot guy would never lie to me about need work doing and i just laughed and said i know how garages work you dick and he shut up and i viewed a c2 last year and 2 back tyres where cracked and i mean really cracked and engine was pissing oil from rocker cover and it passed it mot
  5. let guess zone use to be 30mph but you still decided to speed idiot hope one day you knock someone down and get sent down
  6. scoobys are very known for issues mainly engine failure you want reliable you shouldn't of got one
  7. most likely the garage did a fake invoice to say it had a new gearbox well hope you get your money back
  8. you need proof that it was already blanked and if you believe it shouldn't of passed mot get vosa involved
  9. bet a garage would of repaired that for less then £200 and you wouldnt of had to declare it
  10. this is problem with insurance they very cheeky at ripping people off and not tell they are auctioning the vehicle
  11. ive heard this many times learnt my lesson only lesson you learnt is not to speed at m6 toll
  12. well if the pads where near limit they should of stated that the pads on the limit but if the pads where looking below the limit they should of failed the mot so it seems the mechanics are clueless that you took it to shoes would be a lie because they don't take the wheels or drums off to check life span on shoes and shoes do last alot of mileage my car as 100k on a picanto and still dont need replacing wont suprise me if the garage didn't even change the rear shoes and if i was you dont take it to the garage you used from now on take elsewhere also if i was you leave a bad review on google maps of the garage and did you check the reviews before taking it to that garage
  13. well i wouldnt think about it because you wont know if he has been sent down and i doubt he be sent down i use to know a mate years ago who robbed cars and got caught loads and never got sent down even smacked a police officer and rammed a cop car and he was 25
  14. cant you do a check where the company address is this is problem with the uk many garages are doing company name changes like the garage in london ripping people off that was on watchdog changed over 5times there need to be a law if you get caught ripping people off and close business you cant open another
  15. thats the problem with crashed cars they done proper or they done by a diy person just to make money and thats what happened to you you should of asked who did the repair or proof it was done by a professional well known garage thing is i think you might after take them court because theres more and more traders that fobbing people off and end up in court
  16. i wouldnt worry on former keepers just on a car i wouldnt go past 5 and must have service history
  17. well i had a mate few year ago he was 4x times over limit when he crashed into a lamp post and he just got fined and ban for 2years also i think it depends on judge well now with this covid they will want to avoid sending people prison unless its a serious one
  18. well vw rust claim is under warranty for 12yrs so he might after take it up with them but that depends in the main dealer says you not the 1st owner of the car we know what car traders are like avoid everyway as possible to pay or repair
  19. problem is with second hand car and 2009 the dealer will say it is 11yrs old car and theres many cars that are known to rust badly like the old ford ka and getz subframe ford focus rs are known to rust on subframe in under 3yrs your best bet is get it traded in or sell private and buy something else because it will fail next mot if you be warned about it also vw jetta with about 45k still worth around £2k depending on engine
  20. they usually just get a fine, ban and slap on wrist never jail for drink driving or even crash drink driving only if you kill someone ive known many people where they been banned loads of times and still drive and never got sent down even when they do a police chase
  21. so hang on this guy taking you for a ride and you don't want to tell what's the name of the business im pretty sure other people would like to be aware of this guy ripping people off
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