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  1. They said they investigated and offered me an apology only. They still won’t send me all the info I have requested numerous times. Given up!
  2. Brilliant thanks I’ll get an SAR off to them. It was home improvement. the overpayment is on their paperwork! I should have paid in the region of £56000 at the end of the loan but have already paid £58000. There were arrears that have been cleared
  3. Fight swift so need all the help and advice possible please.
  4. It’s a secured loan and currently I’ve overpaid by over £2000! Also they have sent me someone else’s letter breaking GDPR. I’m struggling to do this alone!
  5. I have a complaint with Swift advances having over paid them yet the are still demanding further money also added a GDPR issue with them as they sent me someone else’s letter with all their details on. What would you do?
  6. Hi I have made a complaint against swift it appears I’ve currently over paid them by over £2000, they are asking for a further £19000. But to top it off they have stapled a letter belonging to someone else giving all their details to one of mine breaking all GDPR rules! Any advice?
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