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  1. The ombudsman services has rewarded us 9k for a Biomass boiler was installed incorrectly and never worked properly. The installer is refusing to pay. He has set up sole trader but has now ceased trading. The consumer code HIES part of the renewable MCS scheme which our installer was accredited to is recommending that we take him to court before they are able to use their compensation fund to pay us this money. Even though their terms state clearly that they would pay the consumer the ADR award if installer declines to do so and they will then at then seek payment
  2. Has any one else had issues with the MCS scheme for renewables? We had a dreadful experience and had to fight for nearly 3 years to get a Biomass boiler removed after it was fitted incorrectly to work and unsafe. The scheme and its relevant bodies did everything to protect the installer and but us as a consumer at a disadvantage. The consumer code body of the scheme requested the installer to record the meeting held at our house to discuss the issues with the heating system. We only became aware of this when the consumer body stated the meeting was recorded b
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