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  1. Hi there I was hoping for some advice. Last year I hired a kitchen fitter to fit my kitchen. I paid him £100 deposit and he began the work. I left the country on holiday and my dad was unhappy with the quality. He’d rushed and some screws had left marks on the other side of the wood, he’d put some draw runners in upside down and in the wrong place. My dad asked him to assemble a drawer as proof of skill. The fitter did this and then declined to continue the job, citing humiliation / embarrassment and not wanting to continue. At this point they had assembled half of the carcasses (kitchen units) in half a day and left. He said he wanted a further £150 to match his day rate for the work he did and as per his T&C’s (see below). I’ve refused on the grounds of insufficient care and skill. This is now going to mediation with the possibility of it going further. He claims if it goes further he will go for the full amount of the job as per T&C’s of a further £850. I feel £100 is a fair amount for the work he did and don’t want to pay anymore. Furthermore, our initial conversation over Facebook he stated the job would be “£950. £850 if the carcasses don’t need doing” this would suggest, to me anyway, that he values the carcasses being made is worth £100, which he has been paid, even though he and his employee did half. Where would this likely go if it couldn’t be solved with mediation? What is the likelihood this would be ruled in my favour? And how much chance does he have of getting a further £850 for one days work after initially asking for £150?! His T&C’s do state that “if work is then fully stopped due to a disagreement no deposit will be refunded and seek £250 for the stop of work” is that even legal? As well as his suggestion the work done was worth £100 Thanks in advance.
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