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  1. Hi, further to my recent communication I have now received a letter frm 'Scott & Mears' debt recovery specialist now acting on behalf of RLP. Thier letter reads: 'We are instructed to recover the outstanding liability against you, which we understand is not disputed. Contact us within 7 days of this letter, failing which you are at risk of our client issuing court proceeedings against you...' The letter ends with: 'However, we hope you can address payment of this account but should we not hear from you our collections process will escalate.' I would very much
  2. I am extremely grateful for your advice, henceforth I will ignore them for now. Kind regards
  3. Hi, just a quick update on my issue. I received a letter a couple of few weeks ago ago from RLP advising me that the retailer has agreed to reduce the sum to £1100 from £1800 so as to bring the matter to a swift conclusion. As stated I provided them with statements showing that their actual loss was around £500, nevertheless RLP ignored that and is now requesting £1100. I ignored them, however I have now received another letter informing me that if payment is not made within 7 days then the full amount will be due (which is exaggerated) and they will advise
  4. Thank you very much for the support, will get back in touch if need be.
  5. Cool, thanks. Will just ignore them.. Oh and no, not an emplyee of the shop
  6. Hi, thanks for your response. This only took place early last year and i did the refunds around 5 times, has never happened since and will never again. The fact that I engaged with them to clarify the amount and sending over bank statemens, does that still mean that I can just ignore them? Just want to be sure as to what their options are and what they can throw at me. Thanks
  7. Hi, last year I obtained a few refunds from a retailer on a couple of sale items at full price, thus getting more back than what I paid. Stupid I know, but was an oversight!!! A few months later I received a letter from RLP informing of this what they call 'fraudulent refunds', threatened with the usual rhetoric and told me that I owe £1800. That was way too much as I only obtained £500 extra on the refunds. I wrote back and explained that I made an error and the exact amount was £500 and I was willing to make that payment to them, they requested I send in
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