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  1. Do you know if there are template letters to follow or if the complaint needs to be in a certain format and quote any regulations?
  2. Yes it does, the debt goes back to the days of GB Energy. What happened was that they wanted payment upfront so the account always had to be in credit. When I got notice that they were going into liquidation, I was nearly 2 payments in credit. I cancelled my dd to protect my funds, didn't reinstate it, ran into other difficulties and left it for ages. I only make online payments and have never been able to address the arrears. I don't dispute the fact that I'm in arrears. I'm not happy with them sending that email to my son and my ex and that is t
  3. No, never been with them. It was originally GB Energy, they went bust, Co-op took over now Octopus took over from them
  4. The email is addressed solely to me. I am certain that my son was a Bcc recipient as his email address is not visible on the ones sent to either myself or my ex, but it is the exact same email and on his copy you can see it addressed to myself and my ex. At present the bill is estimated but readings were supplied shortly prior to lockdown, I don't dispute that there is a debt, what I am concerned with here is them sending details thereof to 2 other people who are not on the account and one of them left here 2 years ago. I don't believe they had a right to do that
  5. Thank you, this appears to confirm my suspicion that they are not liable and should not have been contacted during a collection process. I am quite sure that they have breached GDPR regulations, I just need to establish the best way of formulating a response to them.
  6. The arrears do go back some years and are for my present address. They came about due to financial difficulties and I have never been able to recover from them. You say that other adults at the address are liable? How so? The account is in my name only so how can anyone else be accountable?
  7. Hi My son lives with me and he is on the electoral roll. My ex moved out 2 years ago and I doubt if she is still on the roll. The account is in my name only and the other email addresses have never been supplied to Octopus. The account is in my name only and I cannot see how they got the other email addresses. I would prefer to keep any correspondence with Octopus in writing so that there is a clear record of any discussion, but if I reply to the mail, do I just pose these questions and ask where they got the info (have they hacked me) and why have they
  8. Good morning, I hope someone can give me a little bit of advice on an issue please? I have received an email from Octopus Energy advising that I have a debt and that it has been referred to Churchill Recovery Solutions. Fair enough, I am in arrears. However, there are issues about the email that concern me. They have copied my ex-wife into the email and also sent a copy to my son. My son's email address does not appear on the other recipients so I can only assume that he has been copied in under Bcc. So the concern here is, where did they ge
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