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  1. Is there a way if I want to complain about these companies? who is the governing authority?
  2. I think the question was incomplete or I could not understand properly. If you are trying to ask if my older contract (Faster Fibre) was over by June 2021, the answer is no, it would be completed by Nov 2021
  3. Okay.. Fibre 65 is my latest plan.. so I should not be having a new contract right? Is there anything I can do now?
  4. My Package name used to say "Faster Fibre".. Now it is "Fibre 65".
  5. Thanks but how do I know if I am in a Legacy package? Also, I dont remember signing any new contract. I am trying to call them but they are continuously transferring the call to a new agent every 15 min..
  6. Hi I really need your help here. I first enrolled in an 18 month Contract with Talk Talk on May 18, 2020. The contract should have ended by November. I moved my house during contract in June 2021. Now I want to move to a different provider and onto a monthly rolling contract as I am planning to leave the country in the next couple of months. When I logged into my talk talk account today it is showing my contract end date as 13th Dec 2022. I called them to enquire and they are saying that its a new contract (Home Move Contract) which started in June 2021 and I am in contract until Dec 2022. What should I do?
  7. Latest Update: 1. I got a text message yesterday saying that "Hi, We have received a notification that you do not have an active direct debit at Anytime Fitness Manchester Piccadilly. Please reinstate this by clicking here.. somelink.. Thank you" I did not click on the link. Simply ignored the message. Got the same message for my wife as well reg her membership. 2. Got an email today from the club with the subject "Long Term Club Reopening". The contents say that the club has reopened now and I can go and workout. It does not say anything about membership. I just ignored it as well. Thanks
  8. Update: I simply wrote this mail to the club and cancelled my Direct Debit. I am not planning to reply to any of their emails from now on. Lets wait and see. Dear Sir/Madam This is with reference to our earlier conversations ranging from March to June 2020. I have given Notices to cancel my membership in the months of March and June as well. Now that my contract is over as per the attached agreement, you are not supposed to take any payments in the month of August as the Gym status is still "Temporarily Closed" in your website. Anyway, I conclude that the payment was taken as a Notice Period charge which I have no problem with. I have cancelled my direct debit now and we do not owe anything to each other. Thanks for the services provided. Thank you Cheers
  9. Just another question, can I directly cancel or remove the Direct Debit Mandate in my online banking?
  10. Thanks for the response. I am not actually looking for any refund as it would serve as a notice payment. Let me see if I can cancel the direct debit. I am still worried a bit about the consequences of DCAs. I will keep you posted. Thank you
  11. Hi I have read through few of the similar posts here but my scenario seems a bit different. I signed for a 12 month contract which is supposed to expire by July 2020. I was initially told by the staff that I cancel anytime during this one year also but I dont have any proof for that as the staff who told me is not around now. During March the club suddenly closed because of COVID. I was not informed about the closure. I sent them an email asking the details and they said that the club membership is suspended until further notice and If I wish I can cancel the contract as well. I opted for cancellation and told them that they can charge me during April as well and cancel my membership. I have emails to prove this. They did not charge me in April and I did not get any further emails. In June, I again sent them another email asking whether my membership has been cancelled. The reply was the same : Memberships are on hold and will continue after the clubs are open again. I sent them past emails and asked them to cancel. The reply was that they cannot process and asked me to contact them when the club opens. Now, I was charged during August through my direct Debit. Actually my contract is supposed to end by July and they did not send any new contract. I checked their website and it says the club is temporarily closed. I sent an email again to enquire whether the club is open and whether they can process my cancellation request. I dont get any reply for 5 days. I contacted their facebook page and after a couple of days I get a new email from the local club saying that "They are open since last friday and my contract will end in Sept 15th 2020". I asked them to cancel as I have already given notice and the reply is that "They cannot process any cancellation requests now and can only freeze them" So, My concern here is what are my options? I know that DCAs are not BAILIFFs but I live with my family and do not want some scene created at my apartment infront of others. What are the best possible ways to get the contract cancelled without any problems. I have all the emails with me so I can attach them or the agreement copy as well. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
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