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  1. Would any phone shop do ? I know some independent phone shops that would be happy to do this but would EE accept it ?
  2. How do I go about getting an independent report? What would the report have to include ? Thanks for the help guys
  3. Hi guys Thanks for your help so far. Yes I spoke to EE via the phone. I shall try visiting them in store on Saturday. Sorry about the mix up with dates. I bought the phone June 2019. Will this affect things?
  4. Hi All I've spent 2 weeks without a phone and over 4 hours between phone and livechat talking to samsung about my broke s10e phone screen. I bought the phone in June 2021 and long and short of it the phone screen broke while in my pocket. I made a call before getting in the car and it was fine. Went to make a call when I got out the car and the screen had cracked and some LCD damage. The LCD damage has now fixed itself. I called samsung to get this repaired and they flat out refused to repair it as it was physically damaged and their w
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