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  1. Hello, I might sound very stupid, but I have already done the notice letter, explaining that I intend to take them to court etc... I have already taken the steps advised by citizens advice and informed them I am not happy with the outcome or decision I have waited the time I was told to give them, I have downloaded the forms from the government and printed them off, so now all I start to do is fill in the form and pay the fee and post? also do I send the financial statement forms at the same time, then do they reply? With a quest
  2. Citizens advice told me to do the same, I have looked online and the forms are my option as I may need financial support with the claim, so I’ve printed them off, I will look at everything later when I have more time Thankyou so much
  3. Thankyou they are called ‘Discount Electrics’ Sutton - in - Ashfield Nottinghamshire
  4. Hello just asking,? I purchased a discount new cooker as it had cosmetic damage, paid £250 After a few days I noticed the fan never went off, I contacted the company and they finally collected the cooker and took it away, ( for 7 days) And fixed it, It never seamt right? It steamed up in the clock panel and the oven door was mis-lined It had multiple dints in the sides Top panel missing on the door to stop food dropping in, Shelving didn’t fit well Then main fan started to rattle and tap I put up with all this as it was *discounted Then one day whilst cooki
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