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  1. Thankyou very much! as you can tell it’s all new to me and I’m finding it scary now I have a mediation appointment maybe things are a bit different many thanks again
  2. Yes I’ve returned a form n180 i had to agree to proceed with small claims track, however when do I submit evidence? Or send photographs or relevant information to back up my case?
  3. It says that the Directions Questionnaire can be downloaded? I have no idea what anything means? and the previous person who was helping me never mentioned any of this?
  4. Hello, is anyone available to tell me when I am required to submit my evidence or my side of the story? Thanks Ellen
  5. Is that all that’s needed then yet? to submit the form, I haven’t had chance yet to describe everything? will that come later? Sorry for all the questions thankyou ellen
  6. Yes on the first repair as the fan was on constantly their engineer and a member of staff uninstalled it took it away, returning it a week later fitting it and showed me it working okay Thankyou
  7. Hello, I am running out of time, I have 3 days left before returning the questionnaire and anything else required kind regards Ellen
  8. Particulars? I don’t have a copy of the initial form I submitted to court I am afraid, although it was very brief, stating when and where purchased, the price £250. that I would like a refund of the amount paid, that as previously stated in the letter, I wasn’t happy with the product and I didn’t feel it was fit for purpose, that the wires melted and nearly caught fire i am sorry if this isn’t the correct information, this is why I need help! i do not understand how court works and what is involved many thanks Ellen
  9. Hello, I have tried a few times to send photos and can’t add the I will need help trying to resolve this sorry for delay Ellen
  10. Hello, it has taken all this time to get to the stage of me needing to reply with my questionaire and also fill out a help with court costs form, the problem I am now facing is the defendant states 1. It took me 7 months to address the problems 2. The wires that melted were outside the cooker in the box on the back. 3. The cooker was fitted by me ( which is incorrect as their engineer put it back in for me after first repair) I have no way of proving that! 4. They acted within the law and repaired the cooker again and I
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