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  1. Thanks for the information I’ll go away and see what I can get sorted and let you know
  2. My complaint is the company have done a very poor job in laying it and now it has started to crack after only 1 week I can’t upload any pictures because the pictures are to many mb
  3. Yes the price of the concrete then £175 installation cost
  4. Obviously we live in a house (residential property) we wasn’t given any options to what finish we wanted, I presumed with it been a residential property the finish would have automatically have been a floated finish ( smooth) but they left us with a very rough ( tampered ) finish but then obviously the other faults as above, when we complained about the faults and finish they said it’s our fault because we didn’t stipulate what finish we wanted ( no choice offered) so there are refusing to rectifie the finish and faults and want us to pay for them doing I hope that all makes sense
  5. Hi I had a concrete slab poured last week ( wed 29th July) anyway it was very poorly laid, it’s rough, and uneven and has started to crack, I’ve approached the company to come and rectified the issues but they are blaming me and want to charge me to sort it where do I stand with either them coming out to sort it or getting a refund
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