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  1. Closure! On Friday, two days after I notified Parcel2Go that I intended to pursue a claim in the county courts for the full value of the keyboard that they had lost, my case took an unexpected turn: it was first referred to an 'Asset Protection Manager' who instantly informed me that she had after all been able to track down my package and that it would be delivered the same day, which it was. As I said in my original post, I strongly suspected from the outset that the item would be traceable had there been the will on the part of P2G/Hermes to do so, given that it was very large (1.5m in
  2. Hi @ItsWar, I'm also seeking advice on who best to pursue and others on this forum might be more knowledgeable than me, but my current thinking is that it would be cleaner to have a single defendant in your case so that there's less danger that liability for their failure to deliver your item falls between the cracks of the two companies. As Parcel2Go was the company that was contracted to provide the services, they are probably the ones you should raise a claim against in the first instance, as a breach of that contract is ultimately their responsibility even if it was affected by
  3. As promised, a brief update on my case. I reported the suspected theft to the Warwickshire Police (as the force local to Hermes' Rugby processing centre, where I assume the theft took place) and was surprised to be contacted by an officer who was enthusiastic about pursuing a case against them as "this sort of crime is endemic in that place" (which will come as a surprise to nobody who has spent 5 minutes on this forum). Unfortunately, the case was then passed to another officer who was rather less willing to get involved, and despite getting a crime number I've not hea
  4. I've reached a similar point in my legal journey against P2G/Hermes and I'm interested to know to which I should issue my LBA. The contract is with P2G but the breach was the fault of Hermes' pathetic excuse for a service. I would hazard a guess that if you've only notified P2G of your intent to pursue action, then probably they are the best target - but @BankFodder was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in my case and may know better? In terms of particulars, I (taking BankFodder's lead) am pretty convinced that P2G's attempt to say that you must buy compensation cover in order t
  5. Understood. Thanks again - I'll update once I've come through the other side for the benefit of others.
  6. OK, that's helpful - thanks again. Having spent a frantic morning on forums I'd already resigned myself that in all likelihood my claim could only be £400, and of course I've resolved never to use Hermes again! I've tried to keep my powder dry as much as possible in my correspondence with Hermes/Parcel2Go so far and haven't mentioned any value, declared or actual. However two things did occur to me: 1) I don't actually know how much Hermes knows about the value, seeing as the order was placed with Parcel2Go rather than them. I'm assuming the declared value was shared, b
  7. Oh, apologies! Yes, I have taken photos - one is attached showing my label (with the brown tape attached), the original label which it was placed over, and the worthless contents that are unlikely to improve my piano playing.
  8. Hi @BankFodder, thanks for taking the time to read and respond! I bought the item from a private seller (via eBay) - it was listed as collection only but I contacted him in advance to ask if he would be happy for me to organise a courier to collect and he agreed. As you can see, the item sold for £670 but I declared it at £400 in the vain hope that a lower value would deter opportunistic thieves. Had I known then what I do now I wouldn't have done that, particularly as it had no impact whatsoever on the quoted cost if I had input the true value. I booked the delivery my
  9. Hi all, Firstly thanks very much to those forum veterans who've been posting about their experiences with Hermes and other couriers - having had my own brush with Hermes this morning I've found it invaluable . My story is below and I'd really appreciate any tips anyone might have. I bought a keyboard for £670 on eBay last week and paid Parcel2Go £32 to courier it to my house via Hermes. This morning, I got a knock on the door and found a small cardboard box on the doorstep, clearly much smaller than the 1.5m package I was expecting and nowhere ne
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