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  1. So I have received a letter form VCS informing me that ELMS Legal are no longer representing them and that they are offering me a deal. Should I answer or just sit tight? vcs letter.pdf
  2. OK. So definitely no to mediation. I am defending myself on the grounds that I did not enter into an a contract with the claimant. Can this be on the grounds that I wasn't driving? It says in the original CN that I should notify myparkingcharge who the driver is?
  3. Hi again, I have received the 'Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track' N149A and the N180 questionnaire. I have searched for threads but I am struggling to find the info. Should I attempt mediation or would this just be a waste of time? I assume I am agreeing to small claims track? I wont be calling on an expert witness but I can call on myself, my partner who was driving and our son? As I previously mentioned it was my partner driving and had to stop to take an emergency call. I assume this will be my defence? I have received the pack fro
  4. Defence filed. CPR letter posted. I'll let you know how it goes! J
  5. On step 4 of my defence it asks for details of my counterclaim. I am assuming I am NOT making a counterclaim?
  6. Yes of course! Apologies its been a long week! You have been so helpful I don't mean to waste you time. You assistance is really appreciated.
  7. Im on it. Thank you. Just to clarify I put this at the top of the letter in this order? to the solicitors [or the claimant if they are in house or not named] [Your address] [Their address [solicitors] [Date]
  8. Thank you CPR sorry can you remind me what this is again?
  9. Hi, Thanks to all for helping with this. I have been so busy with work I have yet to get around to filing my defence but would like to just get it done this weekend. To clarify my partner was driving not me apologies for not mentioning this right at the beginning! Does that effect the wording I use? Shall I use the above defence as suggested by @FTMDave ? Or go back to the template? J
  10. Thank you. I will wait I got a little confused on the MOCL site. I am now just completing the AOS. Should I intend to contest the jurisdiction?
  11. So I am in the process of stating my defence. I have seen your template which states " It is denied that the Defendant parked in Bristol Airport at the times ..." My claim is about 'stopping in a zone where stopping is prohibited'. Do I admit I stopped and then state that it was due to an emergency phone call that I had to answer? Or do I just deny I stopped? Also, is it relevant that I wasnt actually driving at the time?
  12. Name of the Claimant :Vehicle Control Services Limited, Unit P1, Europe Link, Sheffield Business Park, Sheffield, S9 1XU Claimants Solicitors: Edmund Shoreman-Lawson Date of issue – 30 April 2021 Date for AOS - 18 May 2021 Date to submit Defence - 1 June 2021 What is the claim for – 1.The claim is for a breach of contract for breaching the terms and conditions set on private land. 2.The Defendant's vehicle **** ***, was identified in the Bristol Airport on the 20/07/2020 in breach of the advertised ter
  13. In my Previous post I explained what I received the VCS for. I have been receiving notices over the past year and ignoring them. I think now I should have kept them but I stupidly threw them all out. This morning I received a new notice Claim From (attached). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Jules
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