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  1. Please help! I have been searching for advice for weeks but am going round in circles and am at wits end! I have been on a DMP for 8 years with Pay Plan. I have 4 years to go with around £15k of debt left to pay off. A majority of the accounts were registered as defaulted 8 years ago so have now dropped off my credit reference file (CRF). 3 accounts (Lowells, PRA and Idem) never registered a default with either the original creditor or the current DCAs so remain on my CRF showing either DM or 6. In total these 3 accounts total no more than £2,500 collectively. A relative has kindly offered some money to partially settle the debt due to the impact its having on my health but I've been warned that these 3 accounts may register defaults now which will obviously remain on my CRF for the next 6 years. I really don't want this to happen as at the moment my credit score is fair. Are they really likely to issue defaults if I try to partially settle? And if they do what is the process? Are they required to provide me with a default notice giving me 14 days to pay in full to avoid a default? (Due to the small value of these 3 accounts I could probably scrape enough together to avoid getting a default if they are required to issue a DN). I've been told on another site that since the accounts are old and have been sold on they are not required to issue a DN before registering a default on my file?! Any advice greatly appreciated on this! Very confused and tearing my hair out.
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