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  1. Ah ok, that's a good point... would they be a position to do that having confirmed that the membership has been cancelled? I mean, I wouldn't put it past them by how they've acted so far but I have email confirmation so would have thought that would be sorted. If they'd asked for a months notice I would probably pay it to get them off my back but they didn't!
  2. Sorry should have specified, it was Ashbourne who confirmed it had been cancelled. Would I need to advise the gym separately?
  3. Just want to provide an update on here: after sending another email this morning confirming I will be cancelling my DD they have advised my membership has now been cancelled as requested. Yayyy!
  4. So they will send my contract and I can confirm that they've gone against the terms and conditions. I guess I just want a leg to stand on if they kick up a fuss when I cancel!
  5. This was the only time I spoke to them on the phone and have everything else over email, though they are mostly all me!! If they do call again (unlikely) I will request an email because they've been awful over the phone! Thanks, hopefully I will hear from them soon!
  6. Thanks for coming back to me on this. I've reported them to trading standards since they are now not providing my contract with the t&cs (I stupidly lost mine when moving recently). I have a feeling they are waiting until the gym can offer what it was able to originally (normal opening hours and longer time at the gym) but out of principle I want to cancel regardless, their customer service was shocking and the woman on the phone who I spoke to a few weeks ago ended up hanging up on my partner when they took over the call (as I was getting nowhere and don't do confr
  7. Thanks for this. I will check out similar. I'd rather not have them chasing me (or debt collectors) so this is stressing me out a bit!
  8. Thanks for your response! I last paid in March and went in maybe November of last year as I moved house in December a bit further away. I am trying to get access to my contract to check the T&C's but realise I lost my paper copy in the move. The company are now claiming they sent it but they haven't.
  9. Thanks honeybee13, yes it is with Clifford Health Spa, but Ashbourne Management deal with their payments.
  10. I signed up for a gym around a year ago on a 12 month contract that asked you to give three months notice if you wish to cancel after that point (so 15 months being the mimimum you can stay with them). The gym closed in April when the world went into lockdown and membership fees were frozen. I paid eight months worth of the contract up until this point. The gym has now reopened with restrictions in place that coincide with gov guidelines. However because of this you can only use the gym for an hour at a time and the hours have been reduced slightly.
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