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  1. Apologies, I use the terminology flippantly. I have sent them the cca request. They are choosing to ignore it. I have took heed of your advice many thanks.
  2. Arrow Global added the balance to my credit file on April 20th 2020 after me sending the prove it letter, it wasnt showing up until then? As for the CCA return this is my point, the allotted time frame for them to present me with it has expired, and they have failed to do so, so what should I do?
  3. TSB standard Credit Card last used I presume around March 16 before the May 2016 default, would have took it out the year before. My concern about ignoring them is, they added the debt to my credit file AFTER I asked them to prove it, so at a stage were I cant really ignore?
  4. Today after further reading around here. Should I give them a chance to respond to the SAR so I know what info they have? Is this the point of divergence so to speak?
  5. I made a formal request for them to prove it, during this time, they finally stopped harassing me, however kept asking me to provide the very documentation I've asked them to provide proof of. They have come back just before the end of the 2 month time frame in which I officially complained about them failing to produce the CCA, stating they are refusing to uphold my complaint and are still waiting to hear back from TSB with a copy of the CCA, they claim in the letter that they have a record of a call in which I claim to be aware of the balance and I had an intention to start making payments. I have SAR'd them to find out the basis of this, if they don't have a recording I presume its not enforceable as evidence? My argument would be I would have presumed this was another debt I had ongoing at the time, which I am currently in a payment plan for. In their response they did however admit their contact was harassing and offered a £100 cheque in compensation for this. I have simply responded with a separate SAR and don't know where to go if they are ignoring my CCA request? Should I go the ombudsman now?
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