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  1. Thanks for the reply! My thoughts exactly. I'm going to ask those questions directly and see what they say, it just seemed very odd that they haven't got the driver's name yet but as you say they're working on a backlog and taking their time about it. Compliance may be a way through if I don't get anywhere.
  2. Hi folks, My car was driven into whilst parked outside my home in Nov 2019. I have a witness to the accident and photos of the vehicle literally parked in my engine bay. Made my claim with my insurer (comprehensive cover) and the car has been deemed a total loss and a figure agreed upon. I've also agreed to buy the car back as it has sentimental value. Still haven't received a penny from my insurer 8 months later and the claim has now been passed to a solicitor working for my insurance company. The last correspondence I've had with them they state they are "
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