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  1. Unfortunately I thought this was all done and dusted so no longer have the paperwork. I sent them a letter saying I dont recognise the debt in the hope they may send me a copy. I have no paperwork left at all.
  2. Thank you so much for the help. My concern is if it is the debt where the court order was issued but not enforced is it true there is no time limit on that ie six year statue barred doent count, so I can be chased for life to repay it? That is quite worrying for me. If the Court order was given to MBNA call they "sell" it to Resolvecall or do Resolvecall have to go to court themselves to get their own court order?
  3. The CCJ was at a different address some 6 years ago, I have been here 3 years. As a court order was made but no payment terms were is that still enforceable by law? Probably 2015 since the court order was made.
  4. Sorry typo its is resolvecall - letter attached. There is nothing on my credit file any more, its all good. The CCJ was never put on it just kept recording the credit card as not receiving payment. I have had nothing from MBNA since the court hearing, no chasing letter, nothing. Ltr from Resolvecall redacted.pdf
  5. MBNA did the 6 years of destroying my credit record and this finished a few years ago I assume the same debt cannot be added back onto my credit file just because its sold to another company?
  6. This is going to get complicated so trying to keep it simple. I had an old credit card debt I couldnt pay due to loss of income, the last payment would have been around 2012. MNBA took me to court in 2015 or maybe 2017 and the court said the debt was owing BUT couldnt order any repayments due to legal issues I had at the time that prevented it. Basically MBNA got the court order but it couldnt be enforced. Today I received a letter from Resolva demanding payment of the debt which is just under £5,000. I never heard anything from anyone till today. Can this debt still be enforced due to the time limit - is it statue barred or does having an unenforceable court order make any difference to the time for statue barring (6 years)? I have just written back to them and asked for proof of the debt to see what they say.
  7. My friend hired an agency to rent her house out. A tenant has been found and given the keys. The tenancy agreement is a new style to one she had before and a big change is that it states "If the tenant is 3 weeks late with rent the Landlord can enter and reclaim the house". She thinks its good as had problem payers before and eviction took a year - can this be legal if the law says you cant evict without a court order? Just want to get the facts straight for her as I know not all contracts are valid in law. Just me being curious. Thanks
  8. If the house is rented to a local authority then they will not be in a hurry to rehouse the tenant. Council tenants can be rehoused right now it is only physical evictions that have been put on hold. You also wont get an eviction till you go to court and not sure if they are open for such cases as the moment. Think you will need to accept that due to the current situation you wont be getting your house back in a hurry and trying to sell it with tenants in that wont move out is going to be impossible. If your not good with paperwork I would check if you have cover for legal assistance with your Landlords Insurance and get a solicitor onto the case, the Local Authority will also take a bit more notice with a solicitor involved. They havent even said that they have taken any steps to rehouse their tenants so will drag it out as long as possible. Afraid you will need legal assistance to stop this dragging out for as long as the LA want it too. For your information Royal Mail is no taking signatures on any mail (Still charging for it thought) so best to save the cost and hassle and just send everything by email which is totally acceptable by a court.
  9. I have now checked the oil level and it is at the max. mark so definitely not low on oil. The message was in the dashboard and said something like "Next time up top up with petrol put in oil as well". It only came on the once and havent seen it since, its not the red alarm light on the dash. Could it just be a faulty message and should I ignore it till it comes back? I have driven over 200 miles since it first happened and not seen it again.
  10. Thanks, will check the oil level first and if its low go back to the garage then.
  11. Think it was around £130 but cant remember, they never gave me a receipt.
  12. Hardly used at all, maybe one trip to the supermarket per week. I was self-isolating for three months or more due to the lockdown
  13. I took my old car for a service and pre-MOT check in March this year. Well it failed the MOT on something stupid so I took it back to the garage and they corrected the minor issue and then I got my MOT. I specifically asked did they do all the oil changes and filters and they said yes. The car sat mainly on the drive from March to June due to lockdown. Yesterday a warning came on the dash for the first time ever - refill oil when you next put in petrol (or something similar). Obviously the garage cant have done the oil change and probably not the filter change either. Its a local one off garage not a brand name. Can I do anything about it or just put it down to I was robbed and never go there again? Not even sure what oil to buy or where to put it - can do most things except when it comes to a car. Have to pay to have it all done again I think to be on the safe side for winter.
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