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  1. Thanks for the further replies. No, a default judgment was never received but I shall request one. What can I expect to happen after that? Do the courts pursue the defendant on my behalf for payment or do I have to do this?
  2. Thanks for the replies, I have attached the order which was sent earlier this year. My understanding is that the defence was struck out because the Defendant did not file a defence. You will see the order dates back to February and nothing seemingly has happened since. The claim was for £10K . Have no idea how this all works or what action needs to be taken next.... letter.pdf
  3. Hello, I have a small claim against a building company that has gone to court. Have received a letter from the court saying "the defence is struck out" which i assume means I have won? There is nothing else on the letter saying what happens next or how I go about trying to recover the money I filed the claim for. Can anyone please advise what the next steps may be? Thanks
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