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  1. Good Morning, I just got a response back from Hermes after I declined their generous refund. Please see the screenshot below: Thoughts on the next steps?
  2. Thank you for your support. I had replied to Hermes as you advised. I will update as soon as I hear the response from them. I had read around the forums and there are a lot of people in the same situation. As i understand the small claims court fee's are around £80 and I understand the risk factors if I lose, but I will still pursue this issue till the end
  3. Hi, Hermes did contact me and asked me for receipts and value of the item. And now just sent me an email: "We're happy to let you know that we have today accepted your claim for £26.89.". The item value is: £500 And it has been lost in their handling. (First courier couldn't deliver -> called them and they told me they contacted the courier to re-deliver -> Next day email: Sorry your parcel has been lost.) Haven't given me any other information at all. How shall I proceed in this case? I am obviously not happy with their service and £26.89 claim Thanks again Additional information: 1) It has been posted through a local dropoff point. Used a Hermes tablet to fill out the information on and buy a label. 2) After label has been printed at the shop I applied it to the parcel and took pictures of it at the till with all information on the package and label visible before handing it over.
  4. Hi, yes, as far as I remember i did declare it as £500
  5. Hi, I recently had an ebay refund case through which I had to return an item for a full refund, i've sent the item by using Hermes. Postage: It's a signed tracked item, but haven't insured it. Label paid and printed at a local Londis shop which has a Hermes drop off point/machine. Item Value: £500 Item: Audio Equipment Postage cost: £6.90 Type: Ebay refund (I paid for the label) Proof: Pictures of the package with the label attached at the drop off point and receipts The story is short. I had posted an item. Checked the tracking, it says that there has been a problem delivering an item (haven't specified the exact reason). I had called their customer support, asked what was the problem with delivery. They had told me there should've not been a problem with the delivery in the first place as the representative which I talked to had checked the address and it was all fine. Thus they will try to contact the courier and redeliver. This morning I get an email from hermes that they had "lost" my parcel and I should fill out their form, which I did. But by reading this forum, I see that I will not get anywhere without pushing Hermes. I hope they will comeback with good news to me, but I highly doubt it. I know this might be a typical case with Hermes, and they most likely try to get out of it. But the package has been lost in their handling, how should I proceed? Again, I took pictures of the item at their drop off point with the label attached as a precaution. Summary: Posted the item(no insurance) -> Problem with delivery (no specified reason) -> Called the representative and they contacted the courier for a redelivery -> Next day email with "we had not been able to locate the parcel" -> ???
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