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  1. I have stopped, this has been a massive wake up call and the worry is making me ill. Thank you all for your understanding and help, but can someone please tell me what the chances are of police becoming involved if they receive evidence from the store or security company that this has happened before?
  2. Sorry I didn’t mean to come across as cheeky, I’m just frightened but I know I only have myself to blame.
  3. What if they know I am in there the same time and day each week?
  4. Hi, I was caught leaving a store with items I hadn’t paid for. A plain clothes man said I would receive a letter and fine. I have been in this shop regularly and have regularly taken things without paying, if the police weren’t involved at the incident can the store or security company look back over cctv and then pass the incident over to the police? i know what i have done is wrong.
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