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  1. brassnecked, you are not thinking this through. They already know my number, don't they? It is the one with a P in place of an F. They traced my address on the basis of that number.
  2. UPDATE -- GOOD NEWS I just got a reply to my SAR, with photos and everything. It refers to a parking offence from 30th May 2019 (!), involving my _previous_ car, and was sent to my _last but one_ address. The good news is, the photos show that it was not my car! It's the same make and model, but appears to be grey or silver instead of white. The front plate has an F that an AI could mistake for a P, because of a retaining bolthead. But the rear plate clearly shows an F where my reg number has a P. So who should I reply to, and how?
  3. I have no idea when or where this is supposed to have happened! All I have is the Final Reminder, and the only information on that is the PCN, which is no good for anything because it has (presumably) expired. But I'm not sure I understand you -- how can they _know_ my new address but not _legally_know it? Also, I can't believe the alleged offence took place more than nine months ago. Surely I would have heard something by now.
  4. Nine months ago. And they know my current address, because they sent the Final Reminder there. I don't think that can be it. But now that I think about it, they have supposedly sent me _two_ letters before this one, haven't they? A simple parking charge and then the Letter Before Action? Or do they not bother with the first of these if a parking ticket was issued? (I never saw such a ticket if it was issued.) If it comes down to a simple matter of whether they believe me when I say I didn't receive anything, I'm thinking it's not going to e
  5. I just received a Final Reminder for £170 from Civil Enforcement, starting "We previously sent you a Letter Before Action..." I never received this Letter Before Action, so this is the first I know of the matter. There is no clue in the Final Reminder as to the nature or location of the alleged offence; all I have is a PCN. I went to their website www.ce-service.co.uk, and it told me that the link to lodge an appeal is appeals.ce-service.co.uk. I entered my details, but all I got was "You have entered invalid details. Please try again." (I took a scr
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