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  1. If there's one thing I've learned it's that if I ever purchase tickets via Twickets ever again I'm going to ensure my purchase date is within the 180 days of the concert.
  2. Ok - do they "connect" their payment to my original payment which I made to them which shows that it is a refund of this original payment? Or do they simply make a new payment to my PayPal email ad (same one I originally used), and state in this what the payment is for i.e. refund of payment with the original payment ID. This, apparently, is what they are concerned about i.e. that if they simply make a payment to me, then it could be claimed that this wasn't a refund of the concert tickets and was for something else.
  3. Got an e-mail reply from the seller. Seller said worried if sends me a direct PayPal payment for the ticket refund I'll potentially be able to make still make claim to get payment back in some other form. Presumably seller can simply state on PayPal payment what the payment is exactly for and this will cover them?
  4. Thanks for your reply - much appreciated. Total amount spent on tickets is just under £100, so perhaps this won't be suitable?
  5. I purchased concert tickets more than 180 days before I lodged a PayPal claim, and so the claim was instantly rejected because of this. Paid for by PayPal via a Visa debit card. Concert was cancelled due to Covid-19. I purchased tickets through Twickets. UK seller won't respond to e-mails. Any suggestions much appreciated!
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