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  1. Insurer won't write off the car as it would cost more than offer the CIL payment for repairs. They are very much into limiting the costs and liability on this one.
  2. Thanks for the feedback it is my understanding that the £1500 CIL from my own insurer is before deducting the £350 excess. They are not going to offer any more and are not offering to repair the car for me. The reason is that there was a repair to the car that occurred before I bought it in February 2020, that wasn't disclosed by the seller and didn't show up in any vehicle checks they are not happy with. so they want to limit their potential liability. I have asked for a copy of the damage report / estimate so I know how the £1500 was arrived at and so I can assess what my repairer q
  3. So latest on this is that the engineer has assessed the car and the insurance company are offering £1150 (£1500-£350 excess) for me to get the repairs done elsewhere. Seems like a reasonable solution.But to be sure I guess my next cause of action should be to get a detailed quote from my local body shop to see if the £1150 is a reasonable amount for the repairs. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi slick132. I have fully comp insurance. Yes, it was my fault. The car in front of me pulled away at a junction and then for some reason stopped in a marked chevron area to the left of the junction. I unfortunately clipped his rear offside. But the impact was very low speed.
  5. Hi just looking for some advice. I was in a minor accident about 10 days ago, scuffed bumper, damaged headlight, dent in front wing. Had the car looked at by a reputable local body shop and they gave a verbal estimate of about £1k of repairs. Car is a 2013 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 Match Edition 5d DSG (13 reg) with 29K on the clock worth around £7.1 - 7.6k according to the online car evaluation tools . Replacement i.e same spec and similar mileage are on sale for between £8.2 - £8.5k
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