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  1. I didn't think statute barred would apply as I was making continuous payments to MBNA and then PRA. I've continued paying as I thought they could issue me with a CCJ if I stop. What would you suggest I do next?
  2. Thanks, it was sold to Aktiv Kapital but PRA are dealing with it. Last paid to MBNA in 2013 and then paying PRA ever since. Defaulted in 2013 so now off my credit report. I requested the CCA as wanted to do a full and final, as it's an old account I thought there was a good chance they might not have it.
  3. Hi, thanks, apologies I thought I uploaded the redacted ones. CCA.pdf
  4. Hi, just wondering if anyone can help? I requested the CCA for a credit card debt from the debt collection agency, which they provided (although it's a very poor copy with really tiny writing), along with a generic list of terms and conditions. They also sent some other documents which suggested the account was opened earlier than the date on the CCA. The account is quite old and I couldn't remember when I opened it so I put in a SAR with the original creditors. However, they have provided 2 CCA's, one that's the same as the one from the DCA and another, different CCA signed
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