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  1. Hi no I sent it myself to coop using myhermes website the emails contain my personal details and I am happy to display that if it’s ok
  2. I organised this online direct with them, Is it ok if the items show my full name on it ?
  3. I worked for them as an estate practitioner and upon me terminating my contract , I had to send back all of my equipment I will add info later
  4. Ah yes , they have said , it was a prohibited item, even thou I declared it as such (my bad) they have sporadically said it’s over 28day since and therefore they are not liable , making no mention of the C19 effect. I have all the emails along with all the comms from them including LinkedIn
  5. Hi All I sent a laptop , phone, mouse and pen via myhermes , and declared its full contents along with its value £1500 on March 10th. on the 11th I get a text to say it was overweight and should pay extra , before I could do this the charge was dropped , but the parcel then didn’t reach its destination due to C19 I contacted them in April and in May , they tell me that the parcel is now lost, and I cannot claim anything back under their terms this parcel contents belongs to coop legal services and is costing me £120 per month each month until it is ret
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