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  1. Thankyou, that sounds very reasonable. We gave a manager ringing us tonight from claimeasy, to discuss this further. I will put this proposal forward to them and mention I have contacted yourselves. I will also get everything in writing! Thankyou so much, I will keep you updated.
  2. Yes to everything above! The amount is 6XX.00 Can be paid over 12 months or a reduced amount of 530 over 3 months. Both amounts are a lot of money, partner has just returned to work after being furloughed for 3 months, so no spare cash to spare unfortunately
  3. Claimeasy have confirmed that Wilkinson Chapman should have been appointed to chase the debt owed to them but they were never appointed due to an oversight on their part. This debt has only resurfaced as part of a spreadsheet exercise. My partner has not received any correspondence or communication regarding this debt. He assumed that when lloyds sent him the cheque the amount was less the amount owed to claimeasy due to the fact that claimeasy gave never contacted up until yesterday
  4. I will take a photo of the letter my partner received yesterday, I'm at work at the moment though. It says the amount outstanding and that they would accept a reduced amount if he rang in. This is the only communication he has received from claimeasy. They confirmed over the phone that the initial letter from them stating amount claimed from bank and amount to pay had not been sent. He has not received any texts or emails chasing and they admitted that debt should have been sent to Wilkinson Chapman but due to an oversight in their part this had not been done.
  5. Hello. Bank was lloyds. Ppi company is claimeasy and debt collection company is Wilkinson Chapman. I just think its unfair that my partner is being chased after 3 years of having no correspondence or contact from claimeasy. Many thanks
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