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  1. Thanks for the quick reply - and sorry for the block of text. I realise now that its tough to read. Hermes has a clause that items above GBP 300 are prohibited. I declared the items as having a value of GBP 500/- each. This was my last argument to them that they should have stopped me then if such a thing was prohibited. The pictures are sent by the buyers which show a clear transparent tape at the bottom of the box - we only use brown packaging tape. Looks like the same tape for both boxes, but its a common tape. Yes I am claiming fo
  2. I need some help here to understand what are my rights and what are my chances i am an online seller and shipped 14 boxes with gaming consoles to various addresses using Hermes. The last two boxes were delivered empty and the two buyers are asking for refunds. I did an online booking for the shipment and declared the right value of GBP 500 for each item. I put in a claim with Hermes for both the items and they are offering GBP 26.89 as it is postal plus 20 pound cover that comes in automatically. I did not go in for the GBP 300 cover while book
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