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  1. Thank you very much for your response; I'm sorry to say that I thought that would probably be the case. Unfortunately my son didn't tell me immediately that there was a problem with the car; it was only when I saw him ordering coolant in bulk that he admitted that there was an issue and by that time the month for sending it back had gone. I don't think he wanted to appear ungrateful that I had bought him a heap of junk! Caveat emptor! Stupidly I thought that the warranty would be with the garage and I could just go and take it back if I had a problem so I was too blase about the whole thing
  2. Hi All I wonder if you can give me some advice; this issue has been going on for quite some time but has been on the backburner due to Covid. I bought a car for my son last July from this company. The advertisement on autotrader described it as having a two year warranty, excellent condition, full service history and the fact that the MOT also had no advisories was important as it meant that there was nothing immediate that should have to be done before the next MOT. Of note we have no proof of any of the full-service history advertised, or the AA report (the one
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