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  1. Thanks I will do that. I’ve checked thought the SARs info again and not mention of that loan at all really strange. I was also paying £300 a month on a Tesco loan the same time they gave it me, very silly
  2. No of course I didn’t and that’s why I ended up in 48k of debt, a lot of it interest and lining these companies pockets. 3 years on I have repaid now 35k and I am trying to do everything I can to claw back on my mistakes. I also don’t want companies to be allowed to do this so they need to be argued against. I am a different person now and know a lot more than I did then from reading and forums such as this. The past is the past and I want to carry on moving forward. Yes I shouldn’t have done it, yes I think about that a lot but here I am. Now
  3. Thinking back 2016 was when I realised we had too much debt and were in trouble I suggested and looked into a DMP but my husband said try the loan, two years down the line we have to go for the DMP. i shouldn’t have taken but Halifax really shouldn’t have sold me a load to pay off a loan if there’s and get more interest off me, it was bound to go one way. How are they allowed to do this. I’ve been through my sars about 5 times and once already today, it’s about 5 inches thick. I need to look in the bank statement part of when Halifax put the 19k in my bank and how much I paid strai
  4. Yes they show it was refused doesn’t it? I’m thinking did I apply on my own and it was refused and then maybe put my husbands earnings on, I just can’t remember. The first loan I don’t remember how I took it out but there’s nothing of it in the sars. No one advised me to consolidate
  5. I’ve paid the Moorcroft one. from vague memory I think the original loan was taken around 2013/14 and think was for 15k. the second loan was taken out March 2016 and was for 19k. There were some repayment holidays on it: I have linked here some documentation on the application and the process of it moving to collections and sold included in the SARs, wonder if you can understand it? Or would be kind enough to look 2020-08-16_14_21.45_(Merged)-1_copy.pdf
  6. Just been through it all again I can’t find anything in the comms I can identify but that’s me looking. Yes I was deep in debt when I took that loan out. lots of unsecured debt with no assets. The loan was to consolidate the other loan I had with them and debts but it didn’t touch it. I also had a overdraft with them that they didn’t sell but passed to Moorcroft to collect.
  7. @dx100uk do you think if they send them that agreement it will be enforceable ?
  8. I presume I entered the password. no all payments were up to date when I entered the DMP I hadn’t missed any it’s just I owed out nearly 50k and payments weren’t making a dent as I was paying so much on interest. I don’t know why they sold it on don’t really understand the whole process
  9. Here’s the agreement I got sent by Halifax’s with the SARs would link have what they need if Halifax send them this ? 2020-08-15 15.10.24 (Merged) copy-1 copy.pdf
  10. I’ve stopped payment which is due to come out tomorrow but I’m sure Wescot will try chase the debt for them I will just send them a copy of the letter and no more. the debt is a Halifax loan taken out in 2016, It paid an original loan I was paying Halifax for from a few years previous and to try and consolidate other debts as a last ditch attempt to get control on my finances which failed. My question is would they need to find the CCA of the newer loan or the one it consolidated or both ? Your time is appreciated and your patience !
  11. Link sent me this letter about my CCA request, what’s the chances of them finding it? I have the sars info from Halifax and I’m sure I have the CCA there 2020-08-15 13.51.27 copy.pdf
  12. Thanks for having a look, 2 x MBNA accounts been paying for 3 years every month sold to PRA group although never defaulted, I put in a complaint to MBNA which got nowhere. 1.3k left on each and AP markers being added every month. I will try and pay them both off in the next 3 months. I have complained again to MBNA about having them default last week so see what that brings just purely for my credit file
  13. Hi, I have received the first of my CCA requests sent through from PRA group, they are for 2 x MBNA credit cards in 2013 and 2015. They look right to me but I know nothing. Could anyone check and please advise, it would be greatly appreciated 2020-08-13_13_50.36_(Merged)_copy_copy_(1).pdf
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