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  1. Thanks for having a look, 2 x MBNA accounts been paying for 3 years every month sold to PRA group although never defaulted, I put in a complaint to MBNA which got nowhere. 1.3k left on each and AP markers being added every month. I will try and pay them both off in the next 3 months. I have complained again to MBNA about having them default last week so see what that brings just purely for my credit file
  2. Hi, I have received the first of my CCA requests sent through from PRA group, they are for 2 x MBNA credit cards in 2013 and 2015. They look right to me but I know nothing. Could anyone check and please advise, it would be greatly appreciated 2020-08-13_13_50.36_(Merged)_copy_copy_(1).pdf
  3. I am still far from getting it and it’s defiantly not been a year. I am much better with black and white than ambiguous, it’s hard when you don’t have a clue! I appreciate your patience, it’s needed
  4. Hmm so they can and you think i should go that route? I just thought DCAs couldn’t default
  5. Ah but if I didn’t pay PRA group could they default me?
  6. Yes if defaulted but my non defaulted ones sit there
  7. Oh I don’t have any statue barred or any that will be
  8. Sb date sorry don’t understand ? Ye I’m holding off paying them
  9. I know but I could pay all my debts that are AP markers in the next 2 months then they are defiantly gone 6 years from then instead of fighting to default -and can PRA default me as a DCA? Hmm in a quandary. I am not going to pay them This month and instead wipe my virgin card I am then only left with the 2xPRA group debts at £1300 each with AP markers and the rest AP marked are gone.
  10. Well yes because from true SARS info I got from Halifax (where my Link loan debt come from) I’m pretty sure Halifax have the CCA so don’t understand why Link haven’t sent it me, maybe it will come. Im in a quandary with my two PRA group ones as these aren’t defaulted and putting AP markers on my account so wrecking my credit file if I don’t pay off, I wonder if they have become wise not to default now that’s why some companies aren’t
  11. Update CCAs send to PRA group x 2, Wescot/Link and Intrum. It’s been 12 working days and none have supplied me with a response or anything to say the debts are enforceable
  12. Oh yes, I’ve asked or 3k in total with interest for two accounts just shame can’t do with all the interest I’ve paid on my loan
  13. I have been through all my bank statements provided by Halifax and I only have arranged overdraft fees and some unplanned overdraft fees these total around £1900. I have requested Halifax repay them back to go towards my debt as I am in financial hardship don’t know if I’ll get anywhere. I used the details on the Martin Lewis website. But other than that I don’t have any charges from Halifax
  14. Are planned overdrafts fees ok? It’s just late charges I’m looking for ? Thanks
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