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  1. I can buy currys e vouchers at a discount, Instead of paying with cash, I first buy the vouchers, then use them to buy what I want from currys (They have discounts on vouchers for lots of different stores). As the fan was £550 I checked currys had stock, then bought exactly £550 of vouchers and went back to currys website and bought the fan with the vouchers. The company who sell the vouchers at a discount is called Xexec, they are a legitimate reseller of currys standard evouchers. Because of currys terrible service they said they will swap th
  2. Sorry i may have been unclear. The £1000 is unrelated to curry's. We have a work scheme where they will pay for items to make working from home easier. I only mentioned as if curry's had just sent the fan I would have both the fan and the £500 now as we could have claimed the cost of the fan back from work. The vouchers are just the standard curry's e vouchers (which I can get 7% discount on so made the purchase with these after double checking curry's had the fan in stock) they should 1. Not have taken the money off the vouchers for
  3. Unfortunately I paid by voucher. I get a discount on them then through work so checked curry's had stock then ordered the vouchers. They took the order but then cancelled next day. We have a £1000 allowance from work for wfh which would have covered the fan the cash would have been back in my pocket. They have updated their website to say out of stock of the fans (for the last month) I can't even order it when they return the money to the vouchers. The company who sold me the vouchers said they will refund due to what curry's h
  4. It has now been 1 month since I tried to buy a £550 fan on curry’s website. They cancelled the order the next day but took the payment and still haven’t returned the money. Despite 10+ hours on the phone, various tweets and emails to the ceo it took 2 weeks for anyone from curry’s to agree to attempt to help (turns out al they had to do was email the department responsible for processing refunds). I was told this would be done within 48 hours. When this didn’t happen I managed to get someone from team knowhow to agree to the same. 14 days have been and go
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