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  1. Cezar

    Hermes hell

    That the value I paid for.. 250.. The cctv footage it's archived. 2 of them..
  2. Cezar

    Hermes hell

    No copy of signature.. Just a name "jolly"... On tracking no proof of signature
  3. Cezar

    Hermes hell

    Item was a rare diecast Collector cars, value £250
  4. Cezar

    Hermes hell

    Hello. The item was bought from a private person from Holland.. Was delivered by post nl, and from UK was handled by hermes. The only thing with hermes at the moment there are some emails in wich they claim that the parcel was delivered. I do have a copy of the cctv records on that day and the hour. From the emails with them, thay didn't done nothing wrong. I haven't ask for refund as was paid by PayPal and its a private seller, wich I bought before. No legal action against hermes was yet taken
  5. Hello admins and members.. I have a problem with hermes.. I bought a package from Holland and in uk was handed by hermes. On Friday the 10th of July, ive seen that the parcel was delivered.. I check at home, and in vicinity there was no parcel to be found.. Luckily I have cctv installed and when I've checked there was no attempted delivery... I contacted hermes and I provided with all the information and they came back to me that the parcel was delivered within the geo vicinity of the house and was signed by the driver as "Jolly", but they couldn't tell me where the parcel was left... The value its not high, but the principle it is.. I want to open a case against them through the court, and I'm wondering if someone can give me any advice.. The reason of the case, its theft. Kind regards
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