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  1. I'm with you and I agree. I was in a benefits Facebook support group and the admins regularly tell people who fail at their PIP Tribunal having gone through MR and the whole thing to just reapply straight away and put a new application in. I knew this wasn't allowed with DLA but it appears you can with PIP. I was just trying to clarify if the admin of the Facebook group are giving correct advice.
  2. Hi, In the past with DLA if you were turned down and went to Tribunal and lost you weren't allowed to reapply for DLA unless your condition and abilities changed and then you could make a new application. Apparently with PIP if you apply and get turned down, apply for MR and are turned down so go to Tribunal and are turned down you can immediately put in a new PIP application straight away for exactly the same condition with there being no difference in what someone can and can't do. Is this correct? Thanks.
  3. Yes sorry I meant resolver. I can't see how to edit my post to correct that. The date is a credit card 29.9% APR which I am more than meeting the minimum payments and can pay it off within a year however the holiday refund would pay it off immediately in one go. Any advice on how to get my refund from P&O or is this looking as unlikely as it feels? Thanks. Pippa.
  4. Hi everyone I am looking for advice. I withdrew my savings for the holiday of a lifetime and booked to go on a P&O Mediterranean cruise at the end of May with a friend. I'd been in touch with guest relations by post completing forms regarding my mobility needs on board. When Covid was in Italy I was worried about going to Rome which was the place that I have always wanted to visit and considered not going on the cruise and I sent an letter to P&O about my medical concerns and talked about cancelling. There was no response to this from P&O. But I then talked
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