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  1. I have been into the bank today and I’ve explained to them and shown paperwork to them, they took all info and it’s being sent over to investigation team or something, anyway sounded positive. called credit card too today but couldn’t stay on hold so try again tomo, I have emailed them and queried it on app but still want to call to make sure it’s being looked at. the company is One Sure insurance I did start reading through info pages and will carry on, there’s a lot to go through thanks for all responses, I’ll keep updating as it advances, thanks again.
  2. Hi, firstly thanks for taking the time to read this. I took out a motor-trade policy on 15/5/2020, the total annual premium was around £1,200. Everything was fine on the phone when i took the policy, i submitted the paperwork i agreed to on the phone and all was quiet. A week or so later i received an email saying they have rejected my paperwork due to dates (my invoice dates had a gap due to a premises move prior to civid then covid), I called them and explained i submitted what was agreed over the phone when they took the first £265.46. they said they dont
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