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  1. Well the phone doesn't have turned to me. My phone has been switch it off. No one is allowed to look into your phone without your permission! I think .....the GM has something personal with myself.... he want to show off is he the boss.
  2. Yes , they don't have a locker and they don't have a changing room... fkofilee I do understand they point on not use the phone, but the way they take my phone blow my mind. they could just suck me. Or they could told me they have my phone so I can have a peas of mind my phone is it with them and by the end of the day just return it back to me. But what I found out from police this is stealing.
  3. Yes i work in a bar, and the staff handbook says no phone to being use during the shift and kept in a looker, but i don't get one. But anyway, i get that they can confiscate my phone and put in a safe place, at the end of the day i didn't get it back and no one didn't tell me nothing for few days. And when i ask to see to cctv they refuse and when i spoke with the GM he told me is not cctv in the Bar which is not true .
  4. Ok, so i've been caught on my phone by the GM and the next day i get a warn from the HR to not use the phone again at work, which i didn't but he end up by taking my phone while i was at the bathroom.
  5. My personal phone, i do get a warning to not use the phone! Thank you!
  6. I have my phone , car key and wallet all in the same place, i left them behind the bar and go to the bathroom. When I come back I realise my phone has disappear (the bar has been empty no customers) I go to the office and ask the managers if they took my phone, to know is it in they hands or someone steal my phone. All of them they said no (there are three) and one of them she said this will be a lesson for me to don't come with my phone. I do understand and i ask them if they can have a look on the cctv and they refuse. I go back to the bar and i ring
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