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  1. So that was to get all the details that Lloyd’s held for me. Including agreements etc as they have still not updated there system I cannot do this.
  2. Didn’t sign any agreement Lloyd’s just put it together. And it was just one single debt, I asked Lloyd’s for all the information they held about me and after they admitted that they had my date of birth changed that this would be updated on the system I asked for my information two weeks ago and I got a letter telling me that they couldn’t Identify me. I have the email of Fos still yes.
  3. Lloyds merged all these into one and probably did split them I’ll get onto to arrow to ask about the cca request
  4. I just need to know what I can do apart from not pay it it’s not just going to go away? I believe I have already paid this anyway. And I have a baby on the way in December
  5. I’m stuck in this I’ve still got £5,741 pounds left to pay I just don’t know what to do anymore
  6. Hi there, so as I write this this has been going on since 2005, I got myself into debt when I was younger and couldn’t afford to pay it all back. Lloyds put everything together and it came out over £20,000 this Was passed onto Lloyds debt recovery team in 2005 but I was paying the debt off in small amounts I believe this debt was then passed onto a company called Robinson way in January 2006 where I was paying £130 a month this then changed to debt managers and then onto clarity Lloyds and arrow global have stated that I made no payments between 2005 and 2009 even though I have proof I paid Robinson way! This is where it’s gets complicated - my dad was making the Payments from his account to Robinson way. The other issue I had was for from 2015 onwards I also had a problem with passing security and I believed my details were compromised with arrow global, who I found out they had the date of birth of myself the wrong month - after contacting Lloyds they stated they had the right date of birth and had it right all the time. It turned out Lloyds were actually incorrect and didn’t have my right date of birth at all and an address I never lived at. for the last 6 months I have been trying to get hold of Robinson way as they don’t have the correct details for me and I can’t get the information. But here’s the plot twist apparently Arrow managed to get hold of Robinson way and they state the debt wasn’t for that But how as Robinson way didn’t have the correct details for me. Unfortunately I have lost all faith in Arrow. I asked Lloyds for everything to do with my account And I have received a letter after all this to go into branch to identify myself I have been living this nightmare for the last 15 years and I know I got myself into this but I have made these payments since 2005 what can I do if anything I have been through the financial ombudsman who to be frank were terrible.
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