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  1. This post is regarding PPE listings on all the major buying platforms. and is affecting many thousands of people trying to buy PPE items.
  2. Hello all, During the pandemic, we all have a duty to help one another, but i feel that the current Price gouging policy of all the main public sellers such as ebay and amazon to name the biggest are actually keeping the ppe prices artificially high. and i tell you why. pressure from bodies such as which and the trading standards in the early days to cut the price gouging listings on these platforms, has back fired!! This has now lead to a select club! being the Approved traders, as the only listings allowed to list certain ppe items, this has created a club that with ebays trending structure is keeping the prices high, i have been at logger heads with ebay about this, they are using this policy to rip off the public, after all they take a percentage commission on every item sold. If i try to list an item of ppe much lower that the approved traders club, my listing is rejected, and the reason given is price gouging!!!, what a joke as my listing is half the price of the approved traders and ebay know this. they are worried that this will get out, as the conversations with the concierge service they tell me they are constantly reviewing their policy!!!. Which needs to put pressure on these companies to change the policy to create a fairer result for the public.
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