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  1. I applied for a job in June 19 in an engineering manufacturing company as workshop manager. Got the job and started immediately. After 6 months probation completed, provided with company clothing and advised satisfactory completion. Mar 20, Covid arrives placed on furlough. End Jun 20, called to office for a meeting and given termination letter - MD states dissatisfied with standard of work - no other reasons given, just there's the door. Wrote to employer asking for reasons and explanation as I am completely in the dark Received response saying I did not have the necessary skills or experience or attention to detail, that he had been unhappy with me after six months. If so why not do anything about it whilst under probation? Why advise probation satisfactory? Why place me on furlough? No warning, ever. No diciplinary action, meetings, discussions, ever. I believe I have been dismissed unfairly - my work was perfectly acceptable, never a complaint. He was perfectly happy with me - its all BS Any advice on what I can do?
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