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  1. no worries, i thought id got it wrong.. please find the claim form dpd claim form.pdf
  2. sorry, i thought i had been told by someone else to create a new thread once it gets to this stage
  3. Hi Everyone I am about to start a journey on counterclaiming agains DPD for damaged goods. They are taking our company to small claims court for an outstanding bill which we refused to pay until they paid us for the damaged goods. We owed them around £550 but they cause around £7K worth of damage . I was only ever going to counterclaim if they pursued us for the outstanding invoice which they have. I have all emails, photos, evidence to try to counterclaim but was hoping for help with this journey if anyone has experience on this many than
  4. Hi everyone ive just receoved my claim form from Northampton Country court. All the details are now filled in on the form so I better get my fighting gloves on and prepart to counterclaim . Any advice on this would certainly be appriciated
  5. I will absolutly fight and counterclaim if needed. So I will sit tight and await their next move.
  6. just spoke to the accountant. The formal closure will take 3-4 months, by that time ill either be done and dusted in court or stll playing ping pong with threatening letters. If it didn't get to court and the debt was still outstanding, we issue a formal application to companies house stating we are closing. They then advertise in the gazette so anyone who we owe debts too can object at this point, if they do not object then the business closes and nothing will need to be paid back. I hope this helps anyone else in this position. thank you dx100uk
  7. thank you, i have requested a call from the accountant
  8. many thanks for the detailed response and all noted. The business stopped trading on the 25th Aug 2020 and we are now just waiting on the accountant to tie up all lose ends so as far as it being disolved, this is yet to be totally complete. Our customers pay their invoices to us on 30 days so we have to wait for those to be paid before we start the full process. I do have all emails, photos, and evicence to prove all of my counter claim. I will just need to get it into an order if required. I shall wait for the next letter which i Presume will be the actual court lette
  9. Hi everyone , i have an update. I have just received a letter from DPD with a claim form. Ive attached the claim form but i notice the court is Bristol which is miles away from me and also the letter states that if payment is not received within 7 days from the 19th August (ive just received it today) then the claim will be submitted. Also the business has now ceased to trade so again I am not sure if I should just ignore it? I really would rather avoid doing a counter claim, however if I need to as they take this to court I will dpd c
  10. Our closing date is the 25th Aug so ill hold off sending that just yet. Im happy to counter claim but only if they take us first as advised. Shall I just ignore and see what happens form now until the 25th? There's me thinking they had closed it off
  11. Hi Guys ive had an email again this time from a different department, the Litigation administration It reads as follows: Your account/the account held by your company (****) has been passed to the Litigation team at DPD due to your company's failure to pay the outstanding invoices on your account by their respective due dates for payment. There are four outstanding invoices currently due for payment on your account. To clarify, in the e mail you received from Sue Henley, when she wrote to you that 'the matter was now closed' she meant the matter
  12. and does that then work the other way around? So we cannot be sued by DPD?
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