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  1. Our closing date is the 25th Aug so ill hold off sending that just yet. Im happy to counter claim but only if they take us first as advised. Shall I just ignore and see what happens form now until the 25th? There's me thinking they had closed it off
  2. Hi Guys ive had an email again this time from a different department, the Litigation administration It reads as follows: Your account/the account held by your company (****) has been passed to the Litigation team at DPD due to your company's failure to pay the outstanding invoices on your account by their respective due dates for payment. There are four outstanding invoices currently due for payment on your account. To clarify, in the e mail you received from Sue Henley, when she wrote to you that 'the matter was now closed' she meant the matter with the DPD Local Credit Management team with your account was now closed, however as your unpaid invoices are still outstanding, the account was then passed to the Litigation team to chase you/your company for the outstanding balance of the invoices plus late payment interest and compensation charges which have been accrued on your account as a result of failure to provide payment for these invoices on time. Please see below for a screenshot from our financial system which shows a full balance of the outstanding balance due to be paid on your account with DPD Local: As you can see, there remains a current outstanding balance of £671.51 to be paid on your account, either in full or via a payment plan. I look forward to receiving payment from you. Shall I still ignore?
  3. and does that then work the other way around? So we cannot be sued by DPD?
  4. its a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation.
  5. Hi, yes i have not started that yet, to be honest we are in the middle of closing down the business so my mind is on that at the moment. i will start actioning it once ive cleared my desk of outstanding orders ect
  6. Many thanks for this advice. I shall do just that and again keep you updated. It is certainly keeping the adrenaline flowing
  7. Hi Everyone, ive just received another letter, i am now more confussed as it states they have not received a response? DPD letter dates 280720.pdf
  8. Hi Everyone, I have received an email as follows: "Thank you for your patience whilst I have gathered the necessary information Firstly, I would like to address your concerns over our Letter Before Action. This letter sets out our intention to pass the account to our Litigation Department. It gives a summary of the account - the total balance and the overdue amount. With regards to the compensation, this is advising if we were to take legal action, what compensation we would look to be awarded. If the account is passed to our Litigation Department, a further letter would then be issued which would quantify our position. In relation to your other points raised, I have spoken with Jess and also the Claims Manager and I am comfortable that, as detailed in previous emails from both Bianca and Alexandra, as a business, we have conducted everything within our Terms and Conditions and as a result of this, we retain our position. I would like to thank you for your time and patience throughout this process and consider this matter now closed" Do you think that means it is over?
  9. Sorry, here is the letter again
  10. Hi Just following, its not a sole trader if that helps.
  11. Hi everyone, ive received an update . ive attached as a PDF DPD NEW.pdf
  12. I shall send that now thank you once again. I shall keep you updated.
  13. hi guys, the only letter ive got is here for you to look over. DPD Letter.pdf
  14. Hi Yes they got sent a full costing as requested for the detailed process of the job this had the amount on it. The letter of claim has come from the litigation department and all it says is the terms of when we should have paid the invocie and if they dont recieve any payments within 48 hours additional charges will be added.
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