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  1. Hi guys update on this; Link financial have now provided copies of the original credit agreement for both Halifax debts... what do I do now as Wescot have also sent a cryptic request to call them in a form of letter i have never seen (it was like a recorded delivery slip that you had to peel open - a bit like the old wage slips!). Bizarre. Albeit all this is after the 12+2 days? Sid
  2. We acknowledge receipt of our recent letter requesting data as per Section 77-79 Consumer Credit Act 1974, and can confirm that we have requested the relevant documentation from our client and we will forward it to you when it is received. We must also stress that we are not seeking to enforce an agreement and have only asked that payment is made towards a debt that is outstanding by way of an affordable repayment plan. However, if you believe we are unable to ask that your account is repaid in this manner please provide us with specific details
  3. Hi all, It is now well over the 12+2 days and I have had no response from Intrum or for the two debts with Link Financial (my letters where sent 16.07.20) I have had another reply from PRA where they basically send me some MBNA statements. In the letter the admit that they have deemed the debt as unenforceable until further paperwork is received. Furthermore, they state despite it being unenforceable they can still; legally contact me to ask me to pay what I owe pass my details on to a third-party collection agency continue to report my account with
  4. hi guys, The first response is in from my CCA request from PRA Group, they have returned my £1 PO as a 'gesture of good will' lol and stated the following; "I am in receipt of your corespondent in relation to the above (request for info. section 77-79 CCA1974) and have requested the required information. Until this is received i have placed your account on hold which will cease any further collections activity until further notice" Does this mean they haven't got the Credit Agreement or will they try and get it off the original lender?
  5. Thanks for all your help thus far guys, CCA letters printed and I will be at the Post Office in the morning to add the £1 postal order and issue the letters by recorded delivery. For now all payments stopped and I will update you in 2 weeks time (where we will be on to the SARS letters I think). Superb website! Best regards, Sid!
  6. Hi can you give me the link please? I am new to this site and still trying to learn/navigate it I am sending the letters today. Last question. Should i advise them in the letter that all payments are going to stop until they give the info requested or should i simply stop paying anyway from my Augusts due dates? Do they have power to send bailif's etc proceed to court if i stop paying? they don't have my phone number which is good but i will expect letters once i dont pay Sorry just noticed re; Link Financial - these are the master
  7. Thanks for the advice it’s appreciated. How come the OD one is special?
  8. Hi I use Martin Lewis Credit club and if I click on the defaults they say ‘account settled’ and the dates range from December 17 to Feb 18 under each tab. It also states the name of the new debt owner now and says last updated. Will that be the default dates or will I find it elsewhere?
  9. Hi thanks for the advice... can you explain what HBOS and SAR means please?
  10. I believe i have found a useful link on CCA's! https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/332502-cca-request-consumer-credit-act-1974-updated-january-2015/ I suppose my next question is, if i send the letter and they a) don't respond in 12 days or b) are unable to send me the agreement - what next?
  11. Hi they are; 1. Halifax Credit Card 2. Halifax Overdraft 3. MBNA Credit Card 4. Sainsburys Loan
  12. New to this site and after advice please Not Sure if I’m in the right place (on the site) so hopefully this gets seen and I get some help. I will set the scene with my current, ongoing situation. I have 4 debts of which I manage myself now (used Stepchange for 1 year) paying each company collecting a small amount per month (total monthly payment £75 all in across the 4). The debts and ‘collectors’ managing are as follows in order of approx balance lowest to highest; 1. Wescot (Now owned by Link Financial but managed by Wescot) – Circa £1,30
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