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  1. Hi all, Thank you for the responses so far. I do have bills/screenshots/proof of my credit balance at the time which should be sufficient evidence to show my switch should not have been blocked. I am no longer in the property but took meter readings when I left. I wasn't able to switch after being made aware of still being on Npower as by that stage a balance had accrued (the disputed balance), which would have made it impossible to move to an alternative supplier given it was over £500 by then. I did speak to a customer services represe
  2. Hi all, A bit of help/advice if you could spare some. I have looked for a similar example of my situation on the internet but not found anything so far. I lived in a rented flat in London where my gas/elec was supplied by Npower. In early June 2018 I switched supply to Angelic Energy (via an autoswitching site called Flipper) because a substantial saving could be had. I received emails notifying me of the successful completion of the switch and my direct debit was setup to pay Angelic (successful switch date 23rd June). In late 2018 and early 201
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