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  1. Oh no not your fault I haven't uploaded the WS, though that is a long document too (yikes !) I'll see if I can do that Thank you for all the advice I do appreciate it
  2. Thanks I have also stated the same right to reject in my WS Hearing is on 23rd October
  3. Hi Thanks for your comments Here is my 1st letter of rejection sent by RD and amended Def response Hope this is a bit better now Redact 1st Letter to DF Autos complain about VW polo.doc Defendant Response.doc
  4. He is called DF Autos I don't have scanning facilities can only upload image of claim and defence form Will that work?
  5. Hi All, I'm new to this group and looking for some advice. I bought a second hand car last August. By 10th September 2019 the garage repairing the car told me the car was not road worthy. Prior to purchase the car seller was good at communication whether by email or phone. Once we had paid the full price £1050 by bank transfer (I know stupid!). He didn't really respond to my queries with the car though they were not so major issues like car CD player. The car passed it's MOT on 15th August 2019 the day we took the car home. Stupidly I
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