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  1. Thanks Again BankFodder for your assistance. I shall follow your advise and will keep you posted on my progress. I will no doubt need your help further down the line with County Court papers etc. Gratefully FD
  2. Thanks for reply. I have forwarded the two independent quotations to ARC (the claims management company) Quotation 1 was for £4500 + VAT (£5400) Quotation 2 was for £5200 +VAT (£6240) The damage was both companies that assessed the damage stated that 'no parts were salvageable'. This being because you cannot purchase one gate or one opening mechanism or one gate post. They are only supplied in pairs hence the whole system has to be replaced. Is this sufficient information for you ?
  3. Should read 'This was immediately reported to Amazon who passed it over to ARC, ARC are a claims management company based in the USA. (For some reason this text was omitted when the post was sent !) What further information do you require please ? And you also say 'you don't understand why I am not simply proceeding against Amazon' Proceeding with what and how ? I am no legal expert, i am a retired firefighter.
  4. Hi Honeybee13 I'm in the UK, West Yorkshire if that is sufficient or do you also need town/city ? Cheers FD
  5. Please Assist. On the 14th May 2020 I had a delivery from Amazon. My drive has electric gates fitted which open outward, the delivery driver forced my gates open by pushing them 'inward' which resulted in the gate hinge being broken from the gate post, the mechanism that opens the gate being damaged and inoperable and the gate itself being broken where the opening mechanism was fixed to the gate. All this was captured and recorded on CCTV. The gates had to be removed for safety reasons as a result. This was immed the USA. ARC initially investigated t
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