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  1. Hi all, Background - after a boozy Christmas pub-crawl in Kirkcaldy with friends my wife came to get me in my car to kindly pour me home. :-) Weeks later I got a letter (as the registered keeper of my car) advising that it was parked in a private car park (Nicol Street, Kirkcaldy) at 7.41pm on 27th December and asking me for £160! (£100 fine and £60 "debt collection fee"). This was the first contact and the car never got a ticket as it was at night and over the Christmas holidays and dark - my wife and I were unaware that this was a private car park and she was only there to collect me. I ignored it. Today I received a Demand Before Court Action letter for £160 - only the 2nd bit of correspondence and some 6 and a half months after "the event". They are using Pollock Fairbridge Schiavone solicitors and stating their clients "have not heard from you (me) regarding payment". I'm the owner of the car but not the driver who put it there so I have indeed never contacted them. Am I correct in thinking: a) I am under no obligation as the Registered Keeper to respond? b) I am not required to respond as the driver technically commits the offence, not the car? c) I am under no obligation to disclose who was driving? d) They have no right to get my details from the DVLA? e) The Protection of Freedom Act 2012 does not apply in Scotland? f) As a one-off event where no damage was made trespass on this land is not appropriate? Do I continue to ignore this? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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