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  1. OK thanks for this
  2. Thank you for your response Bankfodder. Point taken ref block text. What is a SAR PLEASE
  3. I purchased a kitchen with a buy now pay in a year facility from Wickes and was assured that I would receive a reminder to pay before interest would accrue after the deferral date. Hitachi Personal finance are claiming that an email reminder was sent (but failed to produce credible evidence of such an email) and as a consequence I am having to add a hefty amount of interest onto the cost of my kitchen. I referred to the Financial Ombudsman who found in their favour on the basis that they believe Hitachi did give notice and it was my responsibility anyway to know the deferral date. The reminder letter was sent to me after the deferral date as a result of my enquiries into why I had not received one. I tried to pay the money owed 5 days after the deferral date but they wanted a whopping £700 more in interest. I wonder if anyone knows of any other way of challenging this position.
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