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  1. it does include my costs. Worth also adding, kudos to the claims process online - has been pretty smooth. I hope the post can add some value to consumers
  2. Just to update on this, I went through mediation this morning and Hermes responded with the usual template response that Packlink were responsible. I mentioned the right of third parties act and consumer protection act and that Hermes failed to do their job with due diligence and care. They then threw in that there is a limit the value of goods should have and then my item was on the "excluded items" list. This came out of nowhere. I argued that no such thing was declared and if that was case Hermes should have declined to deliver since they knew the value of the item and what it was. They off
  3. Thanks, In the meantine will be accepting the offer of free mediation. Will be referring to your post below:
  4. apologies, they have also provided pdf version which I have attached: claim-response.pdf
  5. just to keep you updated, received a response from small claims. Hermes have asked to go through mediation and they dispute the claim as expected. My next steps are to reject mediation and and meet the judge Their defence Why they disagree with the claim
  6. Just finished chatting with Packlink and they confirmed the value is declared via Ebay, I have a transcript and screenshot (attached) of the conversation .
  7. Thanks, it's not negative at all and I would prefer it straight - I really want to give Hermes a slap! I am trying to confirm the value is declared; Packlink's email just shows the value I paid for the service, along with tracking details. I have just got off the phone with Ebay, and they have no clue. So I believe when you use Packlink outside of ebay you are asked to declare the value. I'll confirm with Packlink if the value is declared via Ebay implicitly..
  8. Thanks for the reply. I do not recall packlink providing this ‘enhanced‘ option on purchase at all. There is a standard insurance included, to quote there email. If it is was available it must have been very discrete or hidden entirely
  9. Thanks, I have requested Packlink decline the compensation. It fell on deaf ears and they sent it anyway despite declining more than once . Regarding the claim, I will be submitting the below explanation, does it look ok? Regarding the timeline of events, its quote verbose, but trying to include as much detail: 06 June 2020 listed an iMac 27inch computer (2018 version) on ebay 13 June 2020 sold on auction for £1239.56, used PackLink (which passes on value to cou
  10. Just to update on this, received the anticipated reply from Packlink. Still chasing hermes every week.
  11. Thanks, I have registered on Moneyclaim. The slideshow was very helpful thanks. I will wait a few weeks longer and see what they respond with and keep you updated.
  12. appreciate the prompt reply, : The item was an iMac 27inch computer In terms of liability, hermes have asked me to refer to packlink to handle on my behalf. And have always asked me to contact Packlink/Ebay on every correspondence. At no point do I recall being asked to declare the value of the item when ordering via packlink. But I assume that It is tied to ebay item on sale? Chronological events below, worth noting the buyer did also communicate with hermes throughout but got nowhere. 06/062020 - listed an iMac 27inch computer (2018 version) on ebay
  13. I'm another one of those victims that are out of pocket due to Hermes negligence/fraud. Wish I'd read posts on here before I used them. As a result I am out of pocket by £1240. I have been sent the usual emails from Packlink and hermes and have decided to pursue a claim. I hope to update you with the progress. Thanks to this forum I have compiled the following: I have prepared my claim ready to send out after 14 days: Appreciate your feedback on the above, I hope to keep you posted on the outcome. Thanks
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