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  1. No defaults as I have checked. They have actually accepted a payment of £250 up front and then every month payments of £80 for the next year and then re assess. Apparently this will reduce my OD down to 0 after w year. Thankyou you for your help.
  2. I believe that the car is fixed term as I can purchase it after three years Where as I believe lease cars you always have to return them to release. What would you advise that please shall I take the default or suggest the payments of £80 although I think they might refuse this and just default anyway I’m not too sure but I’ve constantly made the correct payments and I’ve never missed a late payment so I’m hoping they will take the £80 as currently they think I can only offer 30 Please may you advise the best option? Once my wages go in and my bills come out I’m only le
  3. No I have a separate account already from the Lloyds OD and the Credit Card. do you think they would accept the higher amount of £80? Currently they think I can only offer the previous minimum of £25. TIA
  4. Hi all, I had an Lloyds bank overdraft in 2019 with the overdraft amount being £1350 maxed out by December 2019. I had left the account alone for two/three months as the overdraft fees were basically ruining me (Adding to the £1350 overdraft), i then received a letter from Lloyds asking me to phone them regarding this debt (This was January 2020). I had phoned Lloyds and we went through an expenditure on the phone and the outcome was i was to make payment of £30 towards the debt for 6 months and then after the 6 months is up they would get in touch with me to
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