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  1. Yes I later found out she has had payment issues, but the address they have is my parents address so I still would receive anything they sent to me. They 100% have never sent anything to my address, and I've had the same mobile number for about 11years and ive never received a phone call either, same email address too. I have never received any form of contact. Well the single default has dropped my credit score by around 220 on Experien. I wanted a loan of around £7000 for a car. Confused and the like have only suggested like 50% APR loans. I tried to go through RBS
  2. Hi, I recently have been trying to apply for a loan and have discovered I have a defaulted account with Three from 2016. After some confusion, it turns out that it is from when I was a guarantor on a phonebill for my ex-girlfriend 4 years ago. As far as I was aware, all payments were made and on time. I have contacted Three about this and they have stated that there aren't any payments to be made. My issue is that I haven't received any emails, phonecalls or letters about the payments, ever. Yet it is still a defaulted account which is havin
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