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  1. I want to show I've been cooperative and may end up taking this to Ombudsman. I have been off work on long term sick and advised Nat West of this last year and I should have been classified as vulnerable. As such, under the Code of Practice they should not have sold my debt to a third party. They are chasing me even though the debt is owed by company which is still registered and I believe the ex partner is operating this business under a different name as well as another company in his Linkedin profile. I want the SAR to prove my conversations and the fact
  2. Hi Andy Just a bit of update for you and you'll find it interesting I think. I sent Nat West SAR. They came back and said after extensive search they cannot find any information on me or my liabilities. However, the very last sentence on their 2nd page said that if a debt has been sold then information will be with them. I contacted Moorcroft who said they don't hold that information because they are only recovering debt as per instructions from Intrum so I should get in touch with them. Phoned Intrum who said they wouldn't have that information
  3. Andyorch The Company was not dissolved because money was owed to it by other Director and therefore cannot close down accounts. I resigned as a Director but the other one did nothing and is still showing at Companies House as active, although he is promoting himself under another name. I did not go IVA route because I wasn't being chased for money until I received letter from DCA last week. I don't really want to do IVA because I have 100% credit and this situation was not caused by me and would affect my credit for next 6 yrs. I am asking for SAR and transc
  4. Hi Andyorch Yes I do have address and contact details for ex business partner. Yes it was a Limited Company but I have not got a copy of Guarantor Agreement as it was done online.
  5. Yes I know Intrum has passed debt onto Moorcroft to do the chasing. They have advised that all communications on hold at moment as I have raised complaint I am also just about to respond to NW as their letter raised more questions than allayed any of my concerns. Only concession they gave was that the quoted the wrong figure of £2. But why was same mistake on both letters and what if I were to pay the £2 as full and final payment? I am also going to ask for SAR on all communication and sequence of events. Thanks again
  6. Many thanks DX100uk for your advice. I know what my responsibilities are as a guarantor, contrary to NW's condescending note to me but would question they on their practices or not communicating with me to inform that I was being chased personally as my business partner didn't respond. Also they have denied responsibility for the debt from Aug 19 when they say they passed the debt on when I have a letter from them and Intrum that sale didn't go through til 31 March. Also, I am in possession of a solicitors letter from December 2019 stating they were acting on behal
  7. Hi all This is the first time on this Forum as I really need some help regarding overdraft debt owed to Nat West bank and now it seems to a DCA - Moorcroft. Unfortunately the tale is rather long as I try to make clear my case and I apologise in advance. I had a Ltd company with my business partner who, after a very successful 1st year of trading wanted to develop the business into an another area. I agreed on the basis that the new business would be a different entity and any monies used from the existing business to fund its start up would have to be repaid b
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